Friday, January 15, 2010

Updates on Haiti


Learn more about the William J. Clinton Foundation's Haiti Earthquake Relief efforts. Financial Donations

Donate $10 to the American Red Cross – charged to your cell phone bill – by texting "HAITI" to "90999."

Contribute online to the Red Cross

Find more ways to help through the Center for International Disaster Information.

Get Information about Friends or Family

The State Department Operations Center has set up the following phone number for Americans seeking information about family members in Haiti: 1-888-407-4747 (due to heavy volume, some callers may receive a recording). You can also send an email to the State Department.

Haitian citizens in the U.S. can also call the Haitian Embassy in Washington, D.C., (202)-332-4090, or the Haitian Consulate in New York City, (305)-859-2003.

Please be aware that communications within Haiti are very difficult at this time.

Our office can also be of assistance in contacting the State Department for residents of Missouri’s Fifth District: 816-842-4545

The Response
  • The first waves of rescue and relief workers are on the ground and at work.
  • Yesterday, a survey team worked to identify priority areas for assistance, and shared the results of that review throughout the United States government.
  • Search and rescue teams are actively working to save lives.
  • Injured Americans are being quickly moved out of Haiti and efforts are continuing to ascertain the status of all 45,000 Americans in Haiti.
  • The US military has now secured the airport and are restoring communications and air traffic control so heavy equipment and resources can be delivered as part of the international airlift.
  • The airlift has begun to deliver high-priority items like water and medicine.
  • Right now in Haiti roads are impassable, the main port is badly damaged, communications equipment is beginning to arrive.
  • Several Coast Guard cutters are already off the coast and are beginning to provide basic services.
  • Elements of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division arrived late last night.
  • The 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit has now left port in North Carolina today aboard the ships USS Bataan, USS Fort McHenry and USS Carter Hall. Over 2,000 Marines and sailors will be on board as part of the deployment.
  • The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson will arrive in the early hours of this morning, it was outfitted with 19 additional helicopters and supplies while in route.
  • The Navy's hospital ship, the USS Comfort is underway from Baltimore to Haiti.
  • The President announced yesterday an immediate investment of $100 million to support our relief efforts.
  • Vice President Biden will meet in South Florida this weekend with members of the Haitian American community.