Friday, April 09, 2010

The best part of a very good week

On the heels of a very challenging week before recess, I am happy to report a series of pieces of good news. But, first I cannot help but saying the highlight of my week was telling a story about my neck tie to a four year old who asked what it was. At the very gracious invitations of their teachers, I got to spend time this week with a group of very inquisitive, cute and energetic three and four year olds at Corporate Kids, the child care center at the downtown Federal Building. I was happy to talk with the little ones about the most important issues facing them: why it is so important to listen to their parents and why they should not run off or leave the house without permission.

We then topped a productive meeting with cake. Friends, sometimes this job can really be a struggle, and then there are visits like this and it makes it all worthwhile. Thank you to some of my youngest constituents for a fantastic afternoon!

This week, I also visited the students at Hickman Mills High School who presented a check for $1,600 for Haitian relief efforts to be delivered to UMCOR an international non-profit. The young men and women at Hickman who spent their time and effort in service of those in need is, frankly, inspiring. I know their school and parents are very proud of them. I can tell you that the next time I see Secretary Clinton I will absolutely tell her of the efforts of these outstanding students. Schools in the Hickman Mills C-1 School District have raised more than $10,000 in cash and supplies for those who still struggle in Haiti. Simply awesome!